Deborah Gospodarek

Bookworm and Language Lover
I love to read, listen to history podcasts, and recently started playing piano again. I also love traveling. My goal is to have a second home in another country someday. Not sure which one as it keeps changing :)

How much time a day do you spend learning a new language?

I'm curious how much time people usually spend per day dedicated to language learning.  In the past I would go all out, studying for long periods each day. Then after a week or so I would stop, either due to lack of time, unmotivated, or the realization I wasn't retaining the information (trying to cram too much too fast). I recently started studying French again. Right now I'm doing 15-30 minutes a day on average. I'm not sure if that's enough. I want to make progress but don't want to get burnt out. Any suggestions?
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Hi Everyone! My name's Deborah. I love history and reading. I studied French in high school and a two semesters in college. That was a looooong time ago. I keep trying to pick it up again but haven't found a learning app I like yet. I also would like to learn Spanish as my son is learning this in school, and Japanese as I'm a big anime fan. I finished the Daevabad trilogy recently and that has me wanting to learn Arabic. I realize I shouldn't try to learn these all at once. The language I'll be focusing on first is French as one, I have some experience with it and two, I'm hoping to go to France next year for my birthday. I appreciate and tips, tricks, or app recommendations. Currently I've been going through all of Jamie's youtube videos and reading her app reviews.

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